Palliative Care Matters – Conference and messages of thanks March 2014

At the end of March the APCP (the Portuguese palliative care association) hosted a three-day national conference at Hotel Tivoli in Carvoeiro. Following my attendance with two Madrugada nurses I would like to share some of my own thoughts and a small handful of the thank you messages we have received so far this year. It is no secret that a staggering 90% of people needing palliative never gain access to it here in Portugal. We at Madrugada Associação, are doing our best to meet some of the need in the Algarve and the task is enormous.

For me, it is a very great privilege to be invited into someone’s life at a time when they and their loved ones are probably feeling at their most vulnerable. Our dedicated clinical team strives to provide the kind of end of life care that we ourselves would want to receive and everyone on our team is prepared to go the extra mile to ensure that we meet the needs of people in their last remaining days.

This is also true of the services we now provide in our support centre in Luz. We witness daily, the difference this level of care makes to people struggling with a new or recurring diagnosis of cancer or another life limiting illness. Our care can be even more crucial to those learning that there is no more curative treatment available.  In palliative care we understand that there is always something that can be done to alleviate suffering and improve quality of life. The therapies, counselling, and advice we are able to provide together with the support groups we facilitate, become a life line to those in need.

Palliative care is a total support system that provides symptom control, emotional and spiritual support and practical assistance.  It is person focused and the wishes of the patient and their loved ones is of paramount importance, as is their dignity. We have a social obligation to provide this level of care and it is everyone’s human right to receive it.

I would like to share with you some messages of thanks received this year which demonstrate just how much it can mean to have the support of Madrugada Associação:

“I cannot express how comforting it was to have help & support from Madrugada when we needed it most. You were there for both of us. So, thank you.”

“We just wanted to send our heartfelt thanks for everything that you and your wonderful staff have done for Dad and his family over the past couple of months. We were so lucky to have had the opportunity to meet you all and experience the love and care that Madrugada offers to people approaching the end of their life.

Please will you pass on our love to all the Madrugada staff that Paul and I met over the past couple of weeks? We witnessed Dad receiving the best possible nursing care and, as we said to the nurses themselves, he would have loved to get to know them all and enjoy a room filled with pretty ladies!

With our love and thanks”


“Thank you so much for sorting everything out on our Father's behalf.  Everyone has agreed that the Madrugada staff were the best imaginable and that he had a very "good" death.  The family are grateful to Madrugada for doing it and BUPA for making it possible”

Bank transfer of funds
Donation for all the assistance given to my father and I these past months. Thank you

“I just wanted to tell you how much it meant to me to be able to be with my husband in his last few hours. Thank you so much, you have all been amazing and I will never forget your kindness.”

If you are a fundraiser, a volunteer or a member of Madrugada, these thanks are also meant for you.

Alison Blair
Executive Presidente
Madrugada Associação
Rua Direita 100
Praia da Luz,Lagos, 8600-160
Algarve, Portugal
Tl. +351 282 761 375, tm: 964 951 570
Skype Madrugadawn
NIPC 509121365

Luz Support Centre Programme 2014

Following months of work during the winter refurbishing and fitting out, the Madrugada Support Centre in Praia da Luz is offering a range of activities, classes and support groups for individuals who have been diagnosed with a life limiting illness, their families and carers. Madrugada President  Alison Blair states: ‘We are now offering our community a range of services including counselling, complimentary therapies, support groups, creative and physical activities as well as workshops and seminars.’

From Monday 24 March the Centre offers:-

Every 3rd Monday            11.00                     Bereavement Support Group
Every 4th Monday             11.00                     Support Group for Carers
Every 2nd Monday            11.00                     Dementia Discussion Group
Every 1st Monday             11.00                     Support Group for Survivors of Life Limiting Illness
Tuesdays                             14.00-16.00         Complimentary Therapies
Wednesdays                      10.30 – 12.30      Art Group
Every 1st and 3rd 
Wednesday                        14.00-16.00         Reiki Group

Thursdays                           11.45 – 13.00      Yoga

The four support groups offer people the opportunity to meet others with similar circumstances, enabling them to share experiences, knowledge, thoughts and feelings.  It’s not all serious discussion; there’s a great opportunity to enjoy each other’s company and many support groups evolve into social groups nurturing new and lasting friendships.

1.      Bereaved people who have lost someone close may experience a number of emotions that feel overwhelming and they may have difficulty in believing that their own life still has meaning. Meeting and talking with other bereaved people can offer hope and a new sense of purpose.

2.       People who care for someone affected by a life limiting illness can benefit from an opportunity to share how they themselves feel about a diagnosis, prognosis and constant care of a loved one. It is sometimes difficult for carers to express how they really feel because they don’t want to upset someone who is struggling with illness or burden them with their own thoughts and feelings. 

3.       The Dementia discussion group is to help carers learn to live and cope with a loved one affected by any stage of dementia. The group will support each other and discover how to take each day as it comes enabling them to be the carer they want to be.

4.       People who have survived a life limiting illness often continue to need support. Being discharged from hospital care sometimes feels like being dismissed, released into a no-man’s land, being neither well or unwell and full of concerns for the future.

The Art Group, led by Mo Miller (BA hons Fine Art), will encourage creativity as a pastime. Several five week sessions will run throughout the year with each week introducing a different project or aspect of art. A small donation of €3.50 per session is required to cover the cost of materials.

Complimentary Therapies -  therapists will be available every Tuesday afternoon to offer Reiki, Reflexology, Bowen Therapy or Massage. Please call to arrange a treatment as places are limited each week.

Reiki Group - Depending upon the people attending there will be a short explanation of Reiki – energy, healing and way of life. The afternoon will then include: some chanting (matras or songs); personal work on chakras; energy exercises; open discussion; meditation

Yoga – This will be a retrospective gentle yoga, about posture, breathing, relaxation and meditation. Hatha Yoga will develop your strength and create a feeling of well-being.

If you are struggling with any aspect of care giving, survivorship or bereavement or would like to join any of the activities provided in the Support Centre, please contact Madrugada on 282761375

The Madrugada story reaches an international audience on ehospice, October 2013

ehospice is an international news and information website and free app, with several editions managed by participating organisations from around the world. Recently it interviewed Madrugada President Alison Blair giving her the opportunity to present the charity's history, achievements and future plans to an international public.
ehospice is aimed at anyone with a professional or personal interest in palliative care, and offers a single point of access to news, intelligence and good practice from around the world, with the aim of helping to improve patient care globally. It brings together the expertise and experience of the global hospice and palliative care community. Go to to read the full interview and find out more about the website and its aims.

Portimão charity shop to close

Reluctantly the Madrugada management team has decided to close its Portimão charity shop. Research before its opening in March 2011 indicated that the location right in the centre of town on Rua Direita near the theatre was a good position.

Since then, however, things have radically changed. One only has to walk through this area of Portimão to see how hard hit independent retailers have been by the town’s new shopping centres, Chinese stores and of course the general recession. Also despite raising money for a good cause, all sales of goods donated by the public are subject to 23% iVA in Portugal.

Madrugada President Alison Blair explains the soul searching and reasoning behind the closure: ‘Unfortunately right at the start the Portimão shop only ran on a break even basis, but we took the long view hoping things would improve. Now following recommendations from our fiscal and management boards we really have no choice.

‘We must not lose sight of Madrugada’s main objective which is to help people live out the final days of their lives in the manner and place of their choice. Charity shops are just one of many ways of raising money to achieve this aim.

‘On behalf of Madrugada I would like to take this opportunity of thanking Christine and Mike Browning and their team of volunteers for their heroic efforts in setting up and running the Portimão shop and wish them well for the future.’

Sept 013 - Spotlight on our Luz Shop Volunteers

Madrugada is supported in many different ways by our local community including people willing to give their time to volunteer. Linda Hardy and Heather Wells from our Luz shop have given away the secret – it´s fun as well as work!

Linda (59) and Heather (64) have worked in the Luz shop since it first opened and they both love it. They had busy careers before retiring here in the Algarve. “Volunteering is very social. I have made some good friends through the other volunteers and customers” says Heather. Linda likes the fact that every day is different “There is always something to make you laugh – usually it is one of us!”

Linda and Heather work one day a week in the shop sorting items, pricing, serving customers, answering queries and making copious cups of tea! Other volunteers work just a few hours per week and some work part of the year when they are here. There is a broad range of nationalities, age and experience. Everybody brings something different – we are very lucky to have a huge amount of expertise and a delightful mix of personalities.

As one volunteer put it “I like the fact that it is a day away from the usual routine – especially husbands!” Just in case you´re wondering we do of course welcome husbands to volunteer too.

But of course behind all of this is the knowledge our volunteers hold dear – their dedicated efforts bring support and relief to people very much in need. “Madrugada provides something very much needed:” said Heather “We all have known someone who has needed this kind of support and when you retire abroad, you never know when you might need it yourself”.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer in our Charity shops or our Madrugada Centre, please contact our Madrugada Office on 282761375

Sept 013 - Nurses Needed

Would you like to make a difference to our patients and their families at one of the most important times of their lives?

Madrugada provides support to people with life limiting illness, by enabling them to gain optimum benefit from their treatment, by strengthening their general health and their emotional well-being, thereby maximising quality of life.

We are looking for qualified nurses to join our team of Bank Nurses to augment the existing team and to extend our service into the eastern Algarve.

You must be Registered with the Ordem dos Enfermeiros with a particular interest in providing the best possible care to patients within a palliative care setting. Community Nursing experience is essential as you will need to deal with relatives and patients in their home, liaising with the Madrugada team at a distance.

We welcome applicants who have experience in palliative care, oncology, or those who have worked in a variety of clinical areas. As part of a multi professional team you will be involved in the holistic assessment of patients and their carers enabling patients to maximise their potential and promote self- management. Multi-lingual skills are always an advantage.

You will need to have a full, clean, driving license with access to a car.

To apply, please send your C.V. and covering letter to:-
Kathy McLauchlan

100a Rua Direita, 8600-160 Praia da Luz. Tel 282761375

Falling for Madrugada - True Courage

Please join us in supporting an act of true courage from one of our dearest supporters.

Lawrence Warner was born in London in 1938, and as well as a prestigious career with NatWest he has worked tirelessly in his spare time to raise money for a range of charities. At 74 he plans to take on the biggest challenge of his life….

Lawrence has a deep fear of heights – or rather a deep fear of “falling”. He is the kind of man who does not like anything getting the better of him and as if to prove this he is going to jump out of an aeroplane to raise money for Madrugada.

We are truly thankful that Lawrence has chosen to donate the proceeds of his fundraising to Madrugada. He said “One of the problems which can threaten us all at any time is the diagnosis of life-threatening illness. This affects not only the person concerned but also family, friends and the whole community. Madrugada is aware of the need for support and the value of a person living out their time as fully as possible”.

Following his National Service Lawrence had a prestigious career with NatWest including time in the USA until he went into business in 1989 using graphology for personality assessment. Lawrence has since founded the International Graphology Association and published a book on the subject.

Please join us in supporting him in this kind and courageous venture. For more information and to request a sponsorship form please email the Madrugada Office on:

Autumn 013 - Madrugada Centre to open

The charity’s new Centre is due to open in Praia da Luz this Autumn. The Centre is located next to the Madrugada office and has been created to offer support to anyone who is affected by a life limiting illness such as cancer.

The Centre will offer support to patients and carers from diagnosis, through treatment to post-treatment as well as remission, recurrence, end of life or in bereavement.  

The Centre will promote well-being by helping people learn vital skills that enable them to regain control, reduce isolation and enhance quality of life. Over the course of the next year Madrugada will be offering a variety of services including: counselling, complementary therapies, professionally-led support groups, stress management, nutritional advice, exercise and relaxation classes, a range of creative activities and courses and educational workshops for people living with, through and after serious illness.

We will keep you up-dated on our progress as we prepare for the opening.

If you have a support group who would like to use the Centre or have any ideas you would like to share please contact Kathy on 282761375.

September 2013 - Newsletter Introduction from the President of the General Assembly

Welcome to the latest edition of the Madrugada newsletter. Quite a lot has been happening since our last edition.

First, allow me to introduce myself briefly. I was elected as President of your General Assembly on new slates of officers for the Management, General Assembly and Fiscal council Boards at a general  meeting  in July last year. My background is in accounting and consultancy with a special interest in corporate governance. I have been in retirement in the Algarve since 2000.

I take a deep satisfaction from supporting Madrugada, particularly from knowing that we help people at one of the most important moments in their lives. We help people to live their life during their illness and when they are dying we help them to die peacefully.
Madrugada´s “hospice at home” service has already enabled 29 people to make their own choice about how and where they spend their last few days of life. The option to die at home peacefully has been made possible by the dedication of the Madrugada clinical team, volunteers and public support. In an area where there is no Macmillan Nurse provision, no Marie Curie service and virtually no community based palliative care provision, Madrugada strives to provide the care needed and champions the cause to improve palliative care in the Algarve.

I am delighted that we are now in a position to extend the provision of care we offer people living in the Algarve. A Madrugada Centre is due to open in Praia da Luz in the autumn and there are plans to extend our “hospice at home” service to people living in the Eastern Algarve. Please read on for more detail on these promising developments.

None of this could have happened without the tireless efforts of our President, Alison Blair, and of the volunteers, who work so hard in the Association’s charity shops and behind the scenes to raise money to make all this possible. They have achieved so much in such a short time. There is still much to do. But it is good, once in a while, to simply acknowledge the difference already made to many people´s lives.

The future of our Association depends on your continued support and interest, for which I thank you.  Please spread the word about Madrugada to your friends and acquaintances at every opportunity.
Yours sincerely

Robert Megaw

Managing Christmas after a loss

When someone we have loved dies, special occasions can be hard without them and the fact that that person isn’t there with us to share these moments can feel really strange, making even the happiest occasion a bit sad.

Here are some ways that may make these times a little easier.

Coping with Christmas
If you’ve lost someone close to you, Christmas may be a time when you miss them more than usual. It’s probably a time you’re used to spending with them and there might well be several little things that remind you of them. When someone important is missing from the festivities or even from the dinner table many people can find it really hard, especially the first year.

Just like Christmas, birthdays and other important family celebrations can be painful when you’ve lost someone you love. It’s natural to feel like they should be there to celebrate with you. Their own birthdays or anniversaries can be especially sad, because you’re reminded of just how much you miss them.

It’s important to take care of yourself and each other on these days.

Prepare for the day

With Christmas coming up, plan ahead for it. Talk with your family and friends about the best way to remember your loved one; it can be really nice to include a few moments in the day to remember the people who aren’t there.

Allow yourself be sad

It’s normal to feel sad when someone you love isn’t there for Christmas, so don’t be hard on yourself. It can help to take some time out to remember them. Everyone’s different and will have a different way of doing that, but here are some ideas: 
  • find a quiet place to remember all the good things about the person
  • do something that you used to do together
  • hang a special decoration on the tree in their memory
  • light a special candle for them and let in burn throughout the day
  • write them a letter telling them about the day
  • revisit somewhere you used to go together
  • remind each other about your favourite times with them 
Don’t forget it’s ok to enjoy yourself too; laughter is always beneficial and there’s a place for it during bereavement - this doesn’t mean you don’t miss or respect the person you’ve lost.

Look after yourself

Recognising that this might be a tough time for you is important. You have to treat yourself with a bit of care. Avoid making major decisions until after Christmas is over. If possible, treat yourself to something you enjoy doing.

Avoid bottling up thoughts and feelings
Keeping things to yourself means the tension builds up inside you. Finding a way to express what you’re feeling really can help you to feel better. You could talk to someone, write your thoughts down, draw or paint, or punch some pillows.

Talk to someone
Having someone you trust to talk to about how you’re feeling is helpful. This may be a family member or a friend. If you’re finding it hard to cope with day-to-day stuff then it may help to talk to someone like a counsellor. Help is available at Madrugada.

Madrugada Moving Forward

As Madrugada completes its second year , the hard work and determination shown by our members and volunteers is being noticed and we have the right to feel pleased with our progress. The Board of Directors would like to thank each and every one of you for your support and dedication and assure you that with your help we will make the changes necessary to accomplish our aims and objectives.

We’ve been very active during our short existence establishing a small but effective community service which delivers ‘end of life palliative care’ to people who prefer to spend their remaining days at home. This service is currently offered on a self referral basis and is open to anyone suffering from a life limiting illness and living within the Lagos and Portimão area.

Since October 2010 we have had the privilege of assisting nine ‘end of life’ patients. As our fundraising capabilities improve, our service will develop and spread across the Algarve. We have been helping people in many other ways. We try to be of assistance to everyone who calls on us and the chart shows the help we have been able to deliver.

We are fortunate to have a bank of volunteers in excess of 65 and we are always seeking new volunteers to work in various capacities ranging from assisting in our charity shops, deliveries, fund raising and working with our clinical team by providing complementary therapies, companion work, administrative skills, reception duties and transporting clients. All these people together with our clinical team of experts and bank of dedicated nurses and health care workers, help provide our management team with the drive necessary to meet the challenges of providing a hospice service in the Algarve. Our membership is reaching 70 and we are keen to encourage anyone wishing to support us to join as a member at an annual fee of €40. Our supporter’s database numbers 1500 and is growing fast.

For Madrugada, the relief of total pain, including physical, emotional and spiritual elements is key to providing a service which enables patients to concentrate on life with dignity. Our service is discreet, respecting the privacy of patients and their families. Each care plan is designed to meet the needs of the patient and their family with active involvement of family members being encouraged as and when appropriate. Support continues for the family in the form of Bereavement Counselling which along with other psychological support services, is offered free of charge to anyone affected by a life threatening illness.

Caring Community Smashes Charity Target - August 27

The small Algarve West Coast community of Vale da Telha has smashed its fund-raising target for the Madrugada Serious Illness Charity. The residents rallied around when Jeanette Cumberworth launched an appeal to raise €800 for a ripple bed to ease the suffering of long-term bedridden patients following the death of her husband Tony earlier this year.

But a final count after a series of fund-raising events revealed that the mostly ex-pat coastal community near Aljezur had more than trebled the target amount, with a total figure of €2,596.

Amovate, the local Residents’ Association—which last year donated nine wheelchairs to Portimão Hospital—raised the biggest single total of £700 following the Vale da Telha Music Festival on August 20, adding to the €1,896 contributed through a series of events.

The fund-raising drive, which included raffles, bucket collections and a Music Quiz culminated last Saturday with a Summer Fair at the Pastelaria do Parque.
During the Fair Amovate President Peter Johnson handed over their cheque to Madrugada’s Alison Blair who said when she was told the final amount of €2,596:
‘I am overwhelmed and so moved. I wasn’t even aware this community was here, just half an hour drive from our advice centre and shop in Praia da Luz, until Jeanette first contacted us.

‘This comparatively small number of residents has shown the warm heart of its community by managing to raise such a large sum. This will enable us not only to buy the ripple bed which we need so badly, but also to prioritise other important projects.”

Later, Jeanette said: ‘I am overcome by the overwhelming response from such a small community as ours to the appeal. So many people got involved and played their part and the fact that they raised more than three times the amount for which we aimed has left me feeling very emotional--it really is an unbelievable response and one beyond all expectations. The ripple bed itself costs around €700 and the surplus will now be used for other essential items needed at Madrugada. For the large part doing this fundraising was very hard emotionally. But it was also very easy, as a project I had to do to make a closure in my life.’

Photograph shows from left: Amovate President Peter Johnson, Jeanette Cumberworth, Alison Blair from Madrugada, and Kim Wassell from Pastalaria do Parque.

‘Blonde Moments’ in support of Madrugada - 19 Aug, 2011

Many here in the Algarve know of Alison Blair as president and founder of the Madrugada charity, but fewer know that she is an accomplished singer - as songwriter and record producer Mike Myers testifies on the sleeve notes for Alison’s CD entitled Blonde Moments. ‘There is something about a voice that’s personal and individual. A voice is a kind of audible kiss, a heartfelt confession. Alison Blair is a passionate singer by any measure, encompassing expression, surprise, soul, subtlety, interpretive wit and perspective.’

The 13 tracks, including: Let there be love, Girl from Ipanema, I wanna be loved by you and Bewitched, bothered and bewildered all get Alison’s smooth cocktail lounge bluesy treatment making it the perfect chill out CD. 

Any one wanting a copy need only make a donation of €10 (or more!) to Madrugada at our charity shop and office in Praia da Luz (100 Rua Direita – Tel: 282 761 375), the Portimão charity shop near the theatre (Rua Direita, nº 5, Ed. Portus Magnus – Tel: 925664235) or online by PayPal (€11 including p&p) at this website - All funds raised will all go to Madrugada’s commitment aimed at supporting people affected by life limiting illness. 

Sir Cliff Richard charity event raises €10,000 for Madrugada

A big thank you goes to Madrugada patron Sir Cliff Richard and all those who took part in a special event at Ria Park hotel in Vale do Lobo on 23 July. Altogether €20,000 was raised, split between Madrugada and ACCA Kids, a charity which helps under privileged children in the region.

Organised by Gaynor Morgan, the event included performances by opera singers John Christos and Jenny Williams and local dancers ‘Presumed Innocent’. An auction for a TV studio visit by Denise Welch of Waterloo Road and Loose Women fame raised €4,000 while Sir Cliff auctioned his shirt adding further to the total raised. He then played an acoustic guitar set, singing for more than an hour including some of his greatest hits with the 300 strong audience joining in many old favourites. All in all it was a night to remember.  

Madrugada opens second shop in Portimão

Madrugada’s second charity shop received its official opening on Friday March 4 by Clive Jewell, British Consul in Portimão. Cutting the ribbon he said: ‘I am honoured to be asked to open the new Madrugada charity shop in Portimao, which I am sure will be an extension of the great achievements of the ground-breaking Madrugada shop in Praia da Luz, that is proving to be so successful thanks to the wonderful kindness of many people, both volunteers and those who have been donating items.

‘From the British Consulate’s point of view, our willingness to support Alison and her team  where we can won’t be limited to today’s opening either; I’m very much looking forward to visiting the Praia da Luz shop in the not too distant future.’

Work on fitting out the shop began at the beginning of this year led by Christine and Michael Browning who moved from the UK to Alvor five years ago. Christine was one of the first to join Madrugada’s Praia da Luz shop and suggested that Portimão would be another good location if a suitable site could be found.

The shop is situated right in the centre of town on Rua Direita near the theatre and will concentrate mainly on quality clothing. Thanks to the generosity of Alison Slater from ‘Collections’ in particular, the shop has a good selection of new women’s items from last season. But browsing through the racks one will find chain store brands, plus various designer labels and a good selection of children’s wear.

Opening is limited from 10am-2pm until  more volunteers can be found to work on a half day a week basis - so if you would like to help please contact Chris on 968740693 or through the Madrugada campaign office in Praia da Luz (282 761 375).

New dawn, new choices for palliative care patients (from The Portugal News)

Following an interview with Alison Blair The Portugal News ran a feature in its Dec 18 edition bringing readers right up to date on Madrugada’s achievements so far and plans for the future emphasising its community and cross cultural aims. For the full story please go to:

October 16-17 New initiatives at BLIP

Madrugada would like to thank all those who manned stands and supported it at the 2010 BLIP exhibition held in Portimao 16-17 October. A brilliant total of €1026 was raised for the charity from sales on the Madrugada Vintage Clothes stand, organised by Helen Stokes and Annette Brown, and from its main information stand.

BLIP saw the launch of Madrugada’s membership scheme inviting people to become supporters of the charity for an annual €40 fee. The Algarve Impressions 2011 calendar, priced at just €6, featuring watercolours by local artist Gabriela Clark also made its debut at BLIP.

Special thanks goes to Sheena Rawcliffe and Kate Fitzsimmons at Exiberia for the Vintage Clothes initiative as well as supporting Madrugada through The Resident Group’s publications in a wide variety of ways.

The Madrugada Algarve Impressions 2011 calendar is available from the Madrugada charity shop in Praia da Luz or by contacting:

September 8 - The Algarve Resident Golf day raises €2000

The Madrugada team would like to sincerely thank The Algarve Resident, sponsors and all who took part in the charity golf day held on 8 September.

Held at the Morgado do Reguengo golf course, the event raised a total €2000 for Madrugada. Sheena Rawcliffe, The Algarve Resident managing director said ‘We chose to support Madrugada because its work has touched the hearts and minds of a wide range of people across the Algarve. The event proved so popular we had a waiting list of 28 people.’

Sponsors were: AZGolf, Porches-based suppliers of club and team sportswear and promotional merchandise; Sir Cliff Richard’s winery Adega do Cantor; glass door and window specialists Mestre Raposa in Gua; Côrte Real Gallery in Paderne and wine makers Quinta do Barranco Longo from Algoz. Golf for Greys golf society also deserves thanks for publicising the event.

The 44 participants took part in a Texas Scramble won by the Parque de Floresta team comprising golf director Alan Hodson, Lorraine Hodson, golf reception manager Ian Munro and vice president Graham Harries. Second came the Boavista team of Rod Yates, Alan Harris, Nick Bridge and Ian Holloway. Third came the team comprising Ginny Wallis-Gregory, Bob Wallis-Gregory and Colin and Linda Campbell.

The Algarve Resident announced during the charity auction held after the competition that it would be holding another Golf Charity Day next year. 

Madrugada president Alison Blair says how very encouraging it is to see this type of initiative: ‘As the members of Madrugada’s management team work hard to move this much needed community project forward, members of this community are now sharing the responsibility by taking up the challenge of fund raising. With so much to achieve, it’s wonderful when a group such as The Resident and the Morgado Golf Club get together to arrange an event such as this. Our sincere appreciation goes to all who took part and to the sponsors who helped to make the event so enjoyable”

(picture shows Alison Blair receiving cheque from Kate Fitzsimmons, Resident Group)

Boavista charity swim raises €5,300 for Madrugada

A sponsored swim held at Boavista’s Essential Fitness and Spa swimming pool in aid of the Madrugada charity has raised a total of €5,300.

Accepting the cheque on June 23 at Boavista’s Lagos resort from Philip Pope, Alison Blair said that it was a brilliant effort by the 36 swimmers who took part: ‘The Boavista team has created a blue print for future Madrugada fund raising events by involving the local community and managing the whole event from start to finish. We hope other resorts will follow their lead by creating their own events to help us raise funds for supporting people with life limiting illness.’

Philip Pope said that Boavista had supported charity events from its inception. These included the Henry Cooper Classic and the Hands of Light golf day which made a major donation to Madrugada in April this year. ‘The enthusiasm and spirit of everyone involved is reflected in the amount raised. It was a community effort for a community charity and we look forward to it becoming an annual event.’

Held on May 23, swimmers encouraged friends and relations to sponsor them for each length they swam of the centre’s indoor pool. On the day swimmers ranging in age from as young as 6 years old through to 70 years clocked up in excess of 50km.

The combination of hard work put in by Isaura Custódio and Yvonne Fisher assisted by sponsors, volunteers, Dynamic Kids and entertainment from the Pink Cadillacs made for a festive day.
Swimmers of note included Jasmine Hodges in the under 10’s who amazed everyone by swimming 108 lengths and in the adult group Emily Sheppard, aged 41 who swam a total of 256 lengths.